Inauguration of Job Training Students for the Period of January - July 2018

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STPB, January 11th, 2018 | Internship Career Centre (ICC) of STP Bandung conducted the Inauguration of Job Training students for the period of January - July 2018 on Thursday, January 11th, 2018. Held in the Hall on the 6th floor of Ciremai Building STP Bandung, Mr. Erfin Roesfian (Deputy Director IV for Quality Assurance and Partnership) officially inaugurated the students.

The students for the job training in the period of January - July 2018 are 217 participants. The students who have passed the selection process for job training abroad are 88 students, and 129 students in Indonesia. On the occasion, the Head of ICC Unit, Mrs. Hanna Daniati, reported the Job Training for the Period of January - July 2018.

The selection of job training paricipants was conducted through meeting decision, medical tests, and psychological test. For the implementation of job training abroad, the selection was carried out through English language proficiency test by a team of English language lecturers of STP Bandung.


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