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Bandung Tourism institute (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung) formerly known as the NHI (read: eNHaii) is a College take shelter under the Creative Economy Tourism Ministry is being an academic are technically constructed by the Ministry of national education. As an institution, a Government-owned high STP Bandung aims to prepare professional staffs in the field of tourism as a national asset of international quality, creative, entrepreneurial-spirited personality Indonesia and virtuous. STP Bandung, in collaboration with various universities, both within the country and outside the country in developing educational programmes at the level of D-III and IV-D and master of tourism management. Educational programs held at STP Bandung is a program that emphasizes the attainment of skills of a science. The achievement of such skills enriched with Field Studies, laboratory practice and Real working practices.


to become a leading Tourism institutions of higher learning in the world who keep Indonesia personality by 2016.


  • to improve the quality of education and teaching in the field of tourism through the development of learning capacity.
  • Improve the quality and range of research for scientific and technological development of tourism based on local wisdom.
  • Increase the capacity of the scientific application of tourism through the public service in order to improve welfare.
  • Positioning itself as an agent of the reformer in encouraging the independence of national tourism development.
  • Serve as primary node network of higher education of tourism in indonesia.

Grand Strategy

  • Building professional and qualified human resources in the field of International Tourism Organization education.
  • Build an effective, efficient and accountable.
  • Build networks work with stakeholders inside and outside the country.
  • Developing research in the field of tourism and devotion to community and industry


Forerunner of the Bandung Tourism institute (STPB), originated from the establishment of the vocational school of hospitality (SKP) in 1959 which is the vocational secondary vocational school under the auspices of the Ministry of education and culture.

  • In 1962 the school was transformed into a Hospitality vocational school and Perestoranan (SKPP) under the Department of land transportation.
  •  March 11, 1963, founded the Academy of hospitality and Perestoranan (APP) with a long three-year education as the continuation of the SKP.
  • March 8, 1965, the Academy (APP) changed its name to the National Academy of Hospitality (APN), which is the first higher education in indonesia in the field of hospitality.
  •  March 7, 1967, the Ministry of transportation and then combine the APN and Tourism Education Center menjadii SKPP (PUSDIKPAR).
  • January 6, 1970, then changed back into National Academy of Hospitality (APN).
  • 21 July 1973, APN name to NHI (National Hotel Institute) or the hospitality education center, since 1991, the Government of Indonesia held in cooperation with the Government of Switzerland in the field of hospitality education. Education systems in use are diplomas I, II and III. The name of this institution (NHI) are still known to audiences today.
  • July 21, 1979, in line with the needs of the work force in the field of tourism, NHI developed into National Hotel Tourism Institute (NHTI) with the addition of the majors at Majors Business travel (Tours and Travel) and Bina Tourism (Tourism Management).
  •  November 11, 1981, NHTI turned into Tourism education and Training Hall, Bandung (Bandung BPLP) who take shelter under the Ministry of tourism, post and telecommunications.
  • November 1, 1993, to improve the quality of education of tourism in Indonesia based on decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 101 of 1993 issued on 1 November 1993, BPLP Bandung  changed Bandung Tourism institute (STPB) with the addition of Education Diploma IV.

Positions Of  STP Bandung

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 101 of 1993 decision of the Minister of tourism, post and telecommunication No. KM52/DL. 107/MPPT-97 Bandung Tourism College is a College which organizes educational programs for tourism professionals Rank Colleges conducted by the Ministry of culture and the Creative Economy, Technical Coaching Academica conducted by the Directorate General of HIGHER EDUCATION Mendiknas, cq. Based on Presidential Decree No. 59/P/2011 October 18, 2011 about the appointment of Acting Ministers, that the Ministry of culture and tourism (Kemenbudpar) changed into a Ministry of tourism and the Creative Economy (KemenParekraf).

Leader of Bandung Tourism Institute

  1. 1962 - 1964, A. WIDAGDO, Direktur Akademi Perhotelan Perestoranan (APP)
  2. 1964 - 1966, Drs. HARI HARTONO (Alm), Direktur Akademi Perhotelan Nasional (APN)
  3. 1967 - 1969, Drs. SOKARSONO, Direktur Akademi Perhotelan Nasional (APN)
  4. 1967 - 1969, Kol. Cad GOENADI, Direktur Akademi Perhotelan Nasional (APN)
  5. 1969 - 1973, Drs. HANAFI, Direktur Akademi Perhotelan Nasional (APN)
  6. 1973 - 1976, Drs. HARI HARTONO, Direktur Pusat Pendidikan Perhotelan (NHI)
  7. 1976 - 1978, Drs. I GEDE ARDIKA, Direktur Pusat Pendidikan Perhotelan (NHI)
  8. 1978 - 1982, Drs. ACEP HIDAYAT, Direktur Pusat Pendidikan Perhotelan dan Pariwisata (NHTI)
  9. 1982 - 1988, NICO KARL LEGOH, Kepala Balai Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata (BPLP)
  10. 1988 - 1993, Drs. DEMSON R.H GOELTOM, Kepala Balai Pendidikan dan Latihan Pariwisata (BPLP)
  11. 1993 - 1998, Drs. DEMSON R.H GOELTOM, Pelaksana Harian Ketua Sekolajh Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB)
  12. 1998 - 1998, Drs. WIM PANGKEREGO, Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB)
  13. 1998 - 2005, Drs. I WAYAN BENDHI, BA.,  Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB)
  14. 2005 - 2009, Dra. UPIEK HAERYAH SADKAR, M.Sc., Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB)
  15. 2009 - 2011, Drs. DJONI SOFYAN ISKANDAR, MM., Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (STPB)
  16. 2011 - 2012, Drs. NOVIENDI MAKALAM, MA. Ketua Sekolah Tinggi Pariwiata Bandung (STPB)
  17. 2012 - 2013, plt. Drs. SAIFUL ADI, M.Pd. (STPB)
  18. 2014 - now  Drs. ANANG SUTONO MM.Par., CHE. (STPB)
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