Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Celebrate the 73 years Independence Day of Indonesia

STPB, August 17th, 2018 | The lecturers, employees and students of STP NHI Bandung followed the Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the 73 years Independence Day of Indonesia, on August 17th, 2018.

Held in the front of DOME Malabar STP NHI Bandung, Faisal, MM.Par., CHE (Acting Director) attended as be builder of the ceremony, read out the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence text and also speech written by Minister of Tourism, Mr. Arief Yahya.

The previous week, lecturers, employees, and students of STP NHI Bandung welcomed the 73 years Independence Day of Indonesia by participating in various competitions such as Tarik Tambang, Balap Karung, Panjat Pinang, Gebug Bantal, as well as sports matches such as women's futsal, badminton and table tennis.



Pembinaan Sikap Dasar dan Profesi 2018

STPB, July 23 th - 26th, 2018 | New students of STP NHI Bandung participated in the Basic Attitudes and Professional Development (PSDP) for academic year 2018/2019 from July 23th until July 26th. Previously, all students registered for participate in PSDP 2018 on July 17th until July 20th, 2018.

The opening ceremony of PSDP 2018 was held in Dodik Bela Negara Rindam III Siliwangi Cikole, on Monday, July 23th, 2018. PSDP 2018 activity was carried out in the Campus STP NHI Bandung and Dodik Bela Negara. After participating PSDP 2018 in Dodik Bela Negara on Monday (23/7) and Tuesday (24/7), the participants followed PSDP in SSTP NHI Bandung from July 25th until July 26th, 2018.

During the activity in Dodik Bela Negara, all participants of PSDP 2018 learn material regarding national vision and religious harmony, also doing marching exercise. Took place in DOME STP NHI Bandung on Thursday (26/7), the night of inauguration ceremony of PSDP 2018 was celebrated with beautiful fireworks. 

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Selection Enrollment Test of STP NHI Bandung for Academic Year 2018/2019

STPB, April 16th – 19th, and May 15th - 18th, 2018 |  STP NHI Bandung organized the SMMPTNP and SBMPTNP Selection Enrollment Test for Academic Year 2018/2019 for Diploma III, Diploma IV, Bachelor, and Postgraduate Program. SMMPTNP was held on April 16th – 19th , and SBMPTNP was held on May 15th  until May 18th, 2018.

The Enrollment Test consisted of psychological and English written test, oral test (interview) and medical tests which include physical tests, urine tests, and radiology-thorax. The number of applicants who followed the SMMPTNP Enrollment Test reached 3092 applicants, but only  385 participants who passed the selection. Meanwhile, SBMSTAPP was followed by 1766 applicants with the number of participants passed the selection is 325.


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