STPB, January 20th, 2015 | The Director of STP Bandung, Mr. Anang Sutono welcome the President Director of PT. Amanah Prima Indonesia (TOZA), Mr. Joko Supono who accompanied by Mr. Budi Prasetyo (Director of Finance) and Mr. Farrera (Factory Manager) at STP Bandung on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015. The purpose of this visitation was to commit the agenda extension of the cooperation agreement between PT. Amanah Prima Indonesia with STP Bandung.

Two main agendas of the meeting are the signing of cooperation charter and discussion of the development of cooperation between the two sides, also attended by Mr. Zulkifli Harahap (Deputy Director IV), Mrs. Ni Gusti Made Kerti Utami (Head of Hospitality Department), Mr. Budi Wibowo and Mr. Enos Julvirta from Food & Beverage Study Program and Cooperation Unit, represented by Mr. M. Romi Okta Viano and Mr. Reza Nurizki.

Mr. Anang Sutono said that the cooperation with PT. Amanah Prima Indonesia is a partnership that provides mutual benefit. Since 9 years ago, PT. Amanah Prima Indonesia has cooperated with STP Bandung provides scholarships in the form of educational assistance for STP Bandung students. In the development of cooperation between the two sides, PT. Amanah Prima Indonesia plans to bring the trainer to be a guest lecture at STP Bandung, especially for juice speciality. In addition, the development of educational facilities such as learning lounge that will be realized soon.


Held in Meeting Room 2, the concept of learning lounge designed by F&B Study Program was presented by Mr. Budi Wibowo and Mr. Enos Julvirta. F&B Study Program also preparing Book of TOZA which will add to the literature of knowledge about the juice for students of STP Bandung in particular and society in general.

Final Session for the Period of January 2015

STPB, January 19th, 2014 | STP Bandung held a Final Session for the Period of January 2015 for Postgraduate, Graduate, Diploma IV, and Diploma III students. The Opening was held in the 6th floor of Ciremai Building STP Bandung on Monday, January 19th, 2015 at 9 a.m until finish. It was officially opened by the Director of Bandung Institute of Tourism, Mr.  Anang Sutono. There were totally 172 participants, which are 6  Postgraduates students , 8 Graduate students, 24 students of Diploma IV, and 134 students of Diploma III.

The opening of the Final Session was attended by Mr. Jacob Ganef Pah (Deputy Director I), Mr. Rachmat Syam (Deputy Director II), Mr. Erfin Roesfian (Deputy Director III), Mr. Alexander Reyaan (the Head of Academic Administration), and the Head of Departments and the Head of Study Programs. Final Session for the period of January 2015 will be held on January 19th to 22nd, 2015. 


Budget Focus Discussion STP Bandung for Fiscal Year 2015

STPB January 13th-14th, 2015 | STP Bandung held the Budget Focus Discussion 2015 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 13 and 14 of January 2015. Taken place in the 6th floor of Ciremai Building, the event was officially opened by the Director of STP Bandung, Mr. Anang Sutono.

The event which lasted for two days started with a presentation about Strategic Plan by Mr. Sumaryadi and Mr. Jacob Ganef Pah. This event also invited Mr. Joko Widodo as Head of DJPBN Regional Office of West Java and Head of DJPBN Regional Office of West Java who presented about Budget Optimization Strategy Through Revision.

On the occasion also discussed the Evaluation of 2014 Budget Implementation and Mechanism of Budget & Reporting Budget 2015 and 2016 by PPK. As a matter of monitoring and evaluation of the budget submission, each Department, Study Program, ADAK, ADUM, and Units in STP Bandung presented the Budget Submission that then evaluated by the evaluators. The event was intended to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the budget submission in preparation education budget the period year of 2015.


Surveillance Audit ISO 9001: 2008

STPB, January 15th, 2015 | STP Bandung held a Surveillance-2 Audit ISO 9001: 2008 for Majoring Tourism Education which on Thursday, January 15th, 2015. The opening meeting was held in Meeting Room 1, attended by Mr. Rachmat Syam (Deputy Director II), Mr. Zulkifli Harahap (Deputy Director IV), Mr. Sumaryadi (the Head of SPM Unit), and also the Heads of Department, Heads of Study Program, Coordinator and Heads of Unit at STP Bandung.

The Surveillance Auditors were Mr. Sofyan Hadisaputra (Lead Auditor) and Mr. Wahyudin (Audit Team). Mr. Sofyan Hadisaputra auditted the management of STP Bandung; Head of Public Administration (ADUM) which also included Head of Sub Division of Finance and Personnel, Head of Sub Division of Administration & Household, Coordinator of Public Relations Unit and Head of PTI Unit; the Head of Travel Department included Head of MBP, MPP, MBK, and SIP; and the Head of Hospitality Department included Head of MTH, MTB, MPI, MDK, ADH and SAK.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wahyudin auditted the Head of Academic and Student Administration (ADAK) and sub units; the Director of Postgraduate Program included the Head of MPH, ADP, and MPJ concentration; and the Head of Tourism Department included the Head of MDP, MBW, and SDP. The Surveillance Audit was expected to maintain and ensuring the quality of STP Bandung.


Visitation of RSUD Ciamis to STP Bandung

STPB, January 7th, 2015 | Starting from mission to improve the quality of service, the Director of RSUD Ciamis and his officials visited STP Bandung on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 to make a cooperation in the field of hospitality. This visit was received by the Director of STP Bandung, Mr. Anang Sutono, accompanied by Mr. Erfin Roesfian (Deputy Director III) and Mr. Zulkifli Harahap (Deputy Director IV).

The Director of RSUD Ciamis said that the development of human resources in the field of service quality are very needed in RSUD Ciamis. Practically, the hospital does not only deal with medical problems, but also have to provide good service for patients and visitors. RSUD Ciamis has invited STP Bandung to work together to provide trainer for education and training programs for staff employees in the field of hospitality. In this case, STP Bandung also will help in the preparation of training modules that correspond to the needs of RSUD Ciamis. Education and training programs are provided for the purpose of improving the quality of service to the community in the field of science as well as refreshment for the staffs in RSUD Ciamis. Training programs and education plan will be provided to about 300 staff employees in RSUD Ciamis.


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