The Opening of Language Matriculation Program – Basic Language Training

Language Center of STP Bandung held an Official Opening of Language Matriculation Program – Basic Language Training for new students program B academic year 2014/2015 on Wednesday, August 20th , 2014. On the occasion, Mr. Jacob Ganef Pah gave a speech while opening the matriculation program that officially began in this late August 2014.

The opening that was held on 6th floor Ciremai Building was attended by language (English, French, Japanese) lecturers and new students program B academic year 2014/2015. Every year, STP Bandung held a matriculation program for new students who entered the January program. This year, the Basic Language Training Program will run for 17 weeks with 205 students from Hospitality Department includes MTH, MTB, MDK, and MPI Study Program that will divided into 11 classes.

“In addition to the language material given,  the student also must follow the daily test and final test to measure the language ability with the appropriate value in specified passing grade,” said Mrs. Retno Budi Wahyuni, MM. as the Head of Language Center when gave report speech to the Director of STP Bandung, Mr. Anang Sutono.



Guest Lecturers from Tiongkok

Tours and Travel Department of STP Bandung held a meeting with Guest Lecturers from Tiongkok on Wednesday, August 20th , 2014. The meeting was held in Ciremai Building 6th floor, attended by students and lecturers from Tours and Travel Department, Travel Industry Study Program, Travel Business Study Program, Tour Management Study Program, and Convention Business Study Program.

This meeting with theme “Capacity Building on Tiongkok Tourist Profile” presented five Guest Lecturers:  Mr. Huang Sin (Dean of School of Continuing Education Guilin Institute of Tourism), Mrs. Bai Chunping (Vice Professor – GIT), Mr. Zhou Xiaoguang (Guest Professor GIT/ GM Tang Dinasty Travel), Mr. Xie Yuanbo (Lecture of GIT/ Vice GM Guilin Business Travel), and Mr. Wu Dawei (Tourism Officer, ASEAN – China Centre (ACC)).

In this event Mr. Erfin Roesfian, S.Sos., M.Hum. (Deputy Director III) said, “As a student you must follow the rules in this campus, because STP Bandung is part of the hospitality. You should take note of the appearance and the way you behave”. One of the Guest Lecturers also gave a presentation about “The General Situation of China” about history, culture, and tourism.



Procession of New Students Admissions Academic Year 2014/2015

STP Bandung held a Procession of New Students Admissions Academic Year 2014/2015 in Dome STP Bandung on Monday, August 18th 2014. The event was held as a formal acceptance of new students by the Director of STP Bandung, Mr. Anang Sutono. The event also attended by Deputy Directors, Head and Secretary of Department, Head and Secretary of Postgraduate Programme, and also Coordinator of Language Center, in Open Session of Senate STP Bandung.

Mr. Anang Sutono as Director of STP Bandung provided a welcome speech to the new students, continued by introducing Senate STP Bandung to new students. This event was also followed by speech delivered by Mr. Ary Ginanjar Agustian as the Founder of ESQ Leadership Center, also alumni of STP Bandung. In his speech, Mr. Ary Ginanjar gave insight to the new students about how to build a vision and mission to achieve life goals.

In this event, all new students were also given new material with the theme of  “Character Building” which lasted for two days, from August 18th until August 19th , 2014. This Procession of New Students Admissions aims to build the new students character to be an independent and superior individual and social beings.



The Closing of Final Project Assessment STP Bandung Periods August 2014

The closing of the Final Project Assessment Bandung Institute of Tourism for Postgraduate, Graduate Program, Diploma IV and Diploma III Period August 2014 academic year 2013/2014 was implemented in Ciremai Building 6th floor, on August 19th, 2014.

Closing of the session started with the reading of the DECREE of the Director by Mr. Andar Danova L Goeltom, then continued with speech from the Director of Bandung Institute of Tourism, Drs. Anang Sutono, MM. Par., CHE. “Fix yourself and always do your best, wherever we are, we must always pay attention to our skill, knowledge, and attitude", Mr. Anang Sutono said to all students.

In that occasion, Mr. Anang Sutono also announced the seven best students who obtained the highest value, as for the student's IPK on the first rank is Kenny Meylitta Nauly from MTB study program with IPK 3.83. Diaz Herbowo from ADH study program with IPK 3.81. Ilma Saffana Yamin from SAK study program with IPK 3.80. Meilani Tambunan from MDK study program with IPK 3.63. Ayu Purnama Sari from SIP study program with IPK 3.58. Dinda Febrina Dinanty from MTH study program with IPK 3.58. Lucy Santa Bonita Napitupulu from MPI study program with IPK 3.53. There are 233 students who passed the final assessment from 236 students.



Closing Ceremony PSDP 2014

After participated in PSDP 2014 for six days started on August 10th 2014, all new students of Bandung Institute of Tourism Academic Year 2014/2015 following the inaugural night event as a closing of PSDP, held in the Dome Building in STP Bandung on Friday, August 15th , 2014.

In the inauguration, all of new students were guided to follow the self-reflection by Mr. Saiful Muslim. The activity then followed by slide show and photo views of PSDP 2014 activity’s photos, and also entertainment such as choir and arumba performed by students of STP Bandung. Mr. Anang Sutono as the Director of STP Bandung giving a speech in the Closing Ceremony of PSDP 2014.



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